Three reasons why your Ex might not want to get back

Are you going through a bad breakup? Do you feel that the world is at an end? Well, it is all the more reason for you to relax, pamper yourself, or for men, just have a big hangout with the best friends, to ensure you do not wallow in self-pity.

Breakups are a very common phenomenon among the younger crowd, as well as the older ones. It is all the more painful if you truly believe that you have met your soul mate in that person, and suddenly he or she is being snatched away. So, how do we deal with your situation? By reading the tips on online?

There are several ways to deal with such a crisis in life, and one of the most crucial among them is to recognize what went wrong, or why you are in this situation in the first place. Let us look at some of the common reasons why the breakups occur in a relationship and how to deal with them.

Reason 1 – No time to contribute to a relationship

One of the most common causes of a breakup is when the couple cannot find a chance to meet each other, talk or just relax and unwind in each other’s company. A few snatched moments, and a Date here and there, with all the discussions about the ‘Work’ or project that they are dealing with, can put a lot of pressure on the friendship.

Conflict between the man and the woman

Remember that while it is okay to talk about work, all ‘Work and no play’ can make any relationship go dull and boring. Ensure that while you talk about work pressures and relieve your stress with the person you love, ask about their life, and talk about some mundane things, to recreate the magic.

Reason – 2 – Absence makes heart shift over the affection to someone else

Well, ‘Absence can make the heart fonder,’ if your relationship has a firm footing from the beginning. A few months of snatching moments, and drifting apart, living in different parts of the world, can be quite harmful to your relationship.

Since one cannot avoid traveling for work, or for studies, what you can do, is to ensure you meet up at least a few months one, to reestablish the ‘magic’ in the relation. Proximity to another soul, equally attractive, and lovable can very well cut the cord on the present friendship.  However, similarly, if that is what your ex-wants, and would like to break things with you since he or she has fallen in love with someone else, you cannot do anything about it. It is time to learn to let go and accept the situation.

Reason – 3 – Constant bickering and pestering can cause the rift

Are you a person who is over possessive, and would like to know where your ‘ex’ is all the time? Do you have a few friends of your own whom you hang out with, or you are the person who wants your ‘One’ special man or woman in life to be with you always?

Possessiveness, bickering for small things and constant pestering can damper the spirits of a relationship like none other. It is believed by the experts that such things happen when a person is not ‘confident’ about the relationship, or is always in doubt. If that happens, then your companionship is doomed from the beginning.

Hence, look deeply into the mistakes or the reasons why your relationship has ended, and work on it positively, to get your ex back.